Achieve Arts is a  performance center teaching drama ,speech and singing to children and young adults. Our young performers work towards their LAMDA examinations in ACTING,  VERSE and PROSE,  PUBLIC SPEAKING and MUSICAL THEATRE whilst learning some key life skills. Our exceptional teaching team have a wealth of experience and are invested in our students to Achieve their best. 

ACHIEVE ARTS Online sessions


Drama and LAMDA sessions from your Home

With the current global crisis and your children finding themselves at home for the foreseeable future, why not let them try something new and exciting! 

 Achieve Arts are dedicated to keeping the fundamental skills that our LAMDA lessons provide alive. Why not try our virtual lessons from home! 

 Navigating our way through this difficult time, the arts will play a huge part in maintaining positivity and mental well-being in our children and young people. 

We have a responsibility as an educator to find ways to provide that, whatever problems we might be facing!

Log onto our secure link and have one to one sessions in Acting, Public Speaking and Verse and Prose. 

Our wonderful team will facilitate online lessons, provide exercises, games,  preparation time to work towards graded LAMDA examinations whilst most importantly having fun, structure and an emotional outlet during their day.



It is with heavy heavy hearts that Achieve Arts will close it's doors on Friday the 20th March until further notice. All physical classes will be postponed as per government advice in closing all educational bodies. Karen and Pamela will be in touch with all Achieve Arts Customers with information regarding their unused sessions, please bear with us.  We will be emailing parents with information surrounding our online individual and group lessons which will be available very soon. 

All of our students have made such wonderful progress on their individual journeys and we are looking forward to continuing them  virtually as best we can.

Please look after one another and stay safe.

We will see you all on the other side, when the curtains rise again,

All our Love

Karen and Pamela 



Achieving great results

 From the young beginner starting their LAMDA journey practicing a poem about a dragon to the more advanced student preparing a scene from Shakespeare, our young performers at Achieve Arts all learn in different ways. We all have varying levels of ability but we all have a voice. It's how we find our confidence to use our voice and creativity to communicate, that's when magic happens and we can Achieve anything.  

Achieve Arts safe Guarding Policy